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Male Hormone Imbalance? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions!

by Kiran

Male Hormone Imbalance?
Ask Yourself These 10 Questions!

Hi Mark

I am Male, Indian 33 years old, who went through a legal battle and divorce. I lost my mojo and zest and am trying to fight back.

Your site has been in my favourite listing, and I have bought your recommended 7 Testosterone Boosters with the Zinger ROP.

Although the ROP came in late, I have been cycling for the last 3 weeks and with the ROP for the last 2-3 days.

In India, the knowledge of taking T supplements is minimal and lab tests are done for what is told to the lab technician.

What I would like to know is, when I go to get a lab blood test done, what are the tests that you recommended?

Estrogen, SHBG, Aromatase, Free Testosterone, Total T, sperm count, motility?

If you could list out the tests to get done, it would be ideal ..

Posts which readers could analyse their results and come back for information, (like estrogen blockers etc).

My goal, with your help, is to increase free testosterone, so I need to start measuring and keeping track of the metrics of my lab tests.

Male Hormone Imbalance?
Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

Hello Kiran,

I've known many a man who's gone the obsessive compulsive testing route, myself included, and I highly recommend that you don't fall into this trap.

Here's a better plan...

Get a snapshot of where you are hormonally, then get into supreme tune with your own body.

Pay attention to the road signs...the signs that will let you know very clearly where your hormones are headed.

For example...
  • Did you wake up with an erection this morning

  • Are you proactive, energetic, and highly motivated

  • Do women of all shapes and sizes draw your attention

  • Are your testicles full, heavy and full of sperm

  • Do you have powerful and pungent body odor

  • Are you absolutely fearless in social situations

  • Do you have plenty of muscle on your frame

  • Are your bodyfat levels headed in the right direction

  • Are you extremely optimistic about the future

  • Do you have powerful libido - are you highly driven for sex

Male Hormone Imbalance?
Ask Yourself These 10 Questions

Once you get dialed in on the above, you'll know for a fact when you have it right.

In the meantime, if you'd like to get some benchmarks, get your total and free testosterone levels checked.

Throw in an estradiol level test, and you'll have a very good snapshot of where you are hormonally.

And what about aromatase and SHBG?

If your free testosterone levels are low, SHBG is the most likely culprit.

Elevated estrogen?

Time to lose some body fat, and go to work on your aromatase levels.


Keep the following in mind as you move forward...

A lab report is a moving target, which at best, will give you a fleeting snapshot of your hormonal situation.


Because what was tested today, will most certainly change by next month, next week, or even by tomorrow.

Here's a better plan...

Get in tune with your own body...start paying attention to the road signs above.

Do this, and you'll have the tools in hand to monitor your hormones every day of the week.

Thanks for your questions!

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