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Male Herbs & Tolerance!

by Scott

Male Herbs & Tolerance


Great site, none of this information is given by the sellers of these products...

The labels just say take x per day.

Nothing about building up a tolerance or having to Cycle
them properly.

I took a low dosage of tribulus mon-fri (weekends off) for about six months and it worked a great.

Then suddenly tribulus stopped working....i thought it might just be a duff batch, but trying a different brand made no difference.

Having read your site it now makes sense.

My question is how to un-do the tolerance build up?

I'm cycling the products which is OK for the new additions, but tribulus still doesn't work in its original way.

Do you have any tips on this?

How long does it take and is it even possible to reverse the tolerance build up?

Many thanks.

Hi Scott

I've experienced the same thing in the past.

Especially early on when I was doing a lot of experimenting with Natural Testosterone Boosters.

Here's what I'd do if I were you.

Remove the tribulus terrestris from your cycle, and replace it with one of the other sex boosting male herbs.

Remember...these supplements are cheap!

The goat weed, yohimbe, and catuaba I recommend all cost around 12 bucks, US.

The ashwagandha and maca only about $10.

At these prices, there's no reason not to have 7 to 10 of these sex boosters on hand.

After you've build up your base stock, get in the habit of adding one or two new products a month.

The more you have, the bigger the break between doses, and the bigger the hormonal Punch.

Get serious about this, and trust me, you'll be rewarded for your efforts.

OK, back to your original question...

After 6 months or so, you can try adding the tribulus back into your cycle.

When you do, take a hefty dose, and chase it with half a bottle of 5 hour energy.

This energy drink enhances the effects of these supplements.

If that doesn't do the trick, you can try a supplement combination.

I like to combine tribulus with Tongkat Ali.

When taken together, these two deliver a kick that is more powerful than the individual herbs alone can muster.

Combining isn't a good idea if you've only got 4 or 5 testosterone boosters on hand, but once you get up to 7 or more, your options really begin to open up.

Thanks for the excellent question, and the well crafted post.

I hardly had to edit your submission at all!


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