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Male Body Odor & Natural Testosterone Boosters!

by Allan

Male Body Odor & Natural Testosterone Boosters!

I've noticed a definite increase in testosterone levels since starting up on the Testosterone Boosters, but I also have noticed an increase in body odor.

The odor is strongest on the days where I'm really feeling the effects of the supplements, so I have a feeling the two are tied together.

Is there a link between body odor, and testosterone levels in men?

Thank you!

Male Body Odor & Natural Testosterone Boosters!

Hello Allan,

Yes, there is a link between the sex hormones, and body odor.

As a matter of fact, loss of body odor is a common symptom among men suffering from low testosterone levels.

So, when the Testosterone Supplements kick in strong, you need to take a few precautions.

Here's why...

Because high T days, quite often, turn into sexual encounter days.

When the hormones are raging, you're definitely going to be highly motivated for Sex.

The last thing you want to do, is turn your woman off, by crawling into the sack smelling like road kill.

Let's talk for a moment, about how we can get a grip on this problem.

Male Body Odor & Natural Testosterone Boosters!

Human beings generate two different kinds of sweat, apocrine and eccrine.

Eccrine is generated over the entire body on hot days, or while exercising strenuously.

It's primary function is to lower body temperature.

Apocrine is the one we need to worry about.

This sweat is produced around the testicles, the arm pits, and on the feet.

It's largely hormonal driven.

The reason children never produce pungent body odor, is because they don't begin producing apocrine sweat until they reach puberty.

Interestingly, neither one of these sweats has any odor.

The odor comes when bacteria enter the picture, and begin feeding off the proteins and fat which reside within the apocrine sweat.

As they consume this sweat, they break down chemical bonds, which releases compounds that lead to the development of body odor.

The solution?

Simple, shower a bit more often.

Also, find a high quality natural deodorant, and apply it a few times during the day.

What you don't want to do, is use one of the industrial strength antiperspirants.

These products contain aluminum compounds, which can be absorbed into the blood stream, and eventually build up inside your brain.

A 1993 World Health Organization Report cited autopsies that discovered high concentrations of aluminum compounds in the brains of those afflicted with Alzheimer's disease.

The evidence isn't 100 percent conclusive yet, but I prefer to play it safe.

Thanks for your question!

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