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Maca Root Side Effects!

Men, Maca and Male Libido

Maca Root Side Effects! Men, Maca and Male Libido!

Maca is one of the most unique and interesting sex boosters out there.

If I had to put a name to it, I think I'd describe it as a hormone regulator.

That's because maca doesn't contain plant hormones like some sex boosters do.

Instead, it stimulates the pituitary gland to produce them...and if used properly, it can be quite effective at this.

Especially, if you cycle the herb regularly and use it once a week at the most.

Follow this system, and negative side effects, of any type, are extremely unlikely to happen...

Unless, you're a woman that is, as excessive use by females can sometimes lead to abnormal cramping during the menstrual cycle.

But since most of us are men around here, we'll stay on topic, and discuss some of the benefits of male usage.

Maca & Increased Testicle Weight

Once of the primary benefits of maca root usage is elevated sperm production, and increased testicle size and weight.

When a dose hit's you just right, you can feel these benefits directly, especially if you ejaculate that day, as this herb is well know for increasing ejaculation volume as well.

Frequent & Spontaneous Erections

If cycled properly, maca will deliver stronger and more frequent erections when you use it, and quite often, this effect will carry over into the following day.

Maca & Elevated Sex Drive

With benefits like bigger testicles, increased ejaculation volume, and spontaneous erections, it's no surprise that maca has a positive impact on sex drive.

Estrogen Control

Maca contains DIM, an indole phytochemical typically found in cruciferous vegetables, like cabbage, broccoli, or cauliflower.

This DIM, along with other substances in maca work to rid the body of excessive estrogen's in the blood stream

This estrogen reduction has a hormone balancing effect, which quite often leads to an increase in free testosterone levels in the male body.

This pro-masculine hormonal shift explains perfectly why maca delivers all the sexual benefits listed just above...

Reduced circulating estrogen's and increased levels of unbound, free testosterone!

What else could a man ask for?

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