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Little Know Method to Increase the Size of Your Testicles

by Colonelcobb

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Little Know Method to Increase the Size of Your Testicles


There are so many "rip-offs" on the internet that make it difficult to make a "believer" out of anyone.

However, I've been using Tongkat Ali EXTRACT
for four years.

I began with the normal dosage of 1 gram per day and slowly went up to 4-6 grams per day. After about 6 months I began to notice my testicles seemed much larger.

After the first year of use, my wife began to call me, "My big man with big balls"......LOL

Then I had a heart attack (clogged arteries) and had to have emergency open-heart surgery that resulted in five by-passes and a pacemaker.

I was in the hospital for five weeks.

While in the hospital, my "balls" became a center of attention. So much so, that two doctors had me examined two different times.

Finding nothing "abnormal", one doctor commented that I had,"the largest testicles he'd ever seen on a human.

Many nurses from several floors came into my room and asked if they could "examine" me. It caught me by surprise, but at the same time it amused me.

Little Know Method to Increase the Size of Your Testicles

I still take tongkat ali at high dosage and my balls continue to grow (it is slow growth, but persistent).

They are now so large that I have to be careful each and every time I sit down.

The large size is permanent. When "off" the tongkat ali, they do NOT get smaller.

In addition, my sperm count is "off the charts" I've been told.

No, I do NOT sell tongkat ali, nor do I represent anyone who does. I only wrote this to help some people looking for REAL results by REAL people.

Little Know Method to Increase the Size
of Your Testicles to Low Testosterone-Home

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by: Anonymous

Given the balance of the info here, I'm confused.

Cycle this supplement or is it suggested that a gradual daily build up for better results?

Especially here at B-Y-L-T, this seems the exact opposite of the general directions.

Hello Anonymous,

I hear exactly what you're saying.

I thought long and hard before posting this, but the comments were detailed, and came across as genuine, so I went against my better judgement and pulled the trigger.

The gentleman did leave an email address, so I contacted him yesterday for specifics on exactly what he was using, and how.

I'll update the page as soon as I hear back.

If I don't hear anything, I think we can all assume this was spam, and he was simply promoting a specific product.

Thanks for your comments!

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