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Life Extension Deer Antler Velvet

by Kyle

Life Extension Deer Antler Velvet

Hello Mark,

I have been using antler velvet pre workout for almost 18 months. I don't cycle exactly like you recommend but I do take 2 or 3 days off a week.

I could really feel the increase in testosterone the first few times I used it. Now it is more subtle but still noticeable. If I run out my muscles definitely loose some of their size.

The best brand I have used is the Life Extension foundations product that I buy from a seller on ebay.

I take 500mg, an hour before my morning workout sessions. I've always been a hard gainer and this supplement helped me put on muscle better than any thing else I have tried.


Life Extension Deer Antler Velvet

Hello Kyle,

Thanks much for your feedback on this supplement.

I've used the Life Extension brand, and would agree that it is a very high quality product.


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