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Learning to Say No

by Mark

This is the face of a man who hasn't learned how to say No.

The guy you're looking at is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Ford is on the hot seat right now after a video surfaced showing
him smoking crack cocaine (purportedly).

He's denying the allegations…

But he did the same after details of a marijuana bust in Florida
surfaced in 2009.

But those denials stopped once reporters showed him a copy
of his mug shot and arrest record.

But that's not the end of this story….

You see, his failure to say NO goes beyond crack pipes and bags
of weed.

In 2012 he launched the highly publicized "Cut The Waist Program" in Toronto.

This was a city wide weight loss campaign. And it was all over the news.

Then right before the big launch. He did something…

Something a guy lacking in the NO department. Should never do…

He Went On A Public Diet.

Then promised himself. And all of the people of Toronto that he
would drop 50 pounds.

And to make matters worse he agreed to weekly - televised - weigh in-sessions.

Well, you'll be surprised to hear that things didn't really work out for for the Mayor…

Especially once he started skipping the weigh-in's.

Next thing he knows the news boys are all over it. And you know
how ugly they can get.

And ugly it got.

Things hit rock bottom when a video surfaced of him sneaking into Kentucky Fried Chicken…

After missing another weigh-in session.

Needless to say the 50 pounds never came off. And by June of that year he had abandoned the program entirely….

And every television in town was talking about it.

After reading this story, I started thinking…

If I had his lack of ability to say no to the temptations in life. I'd be
the one slinking into KFC's…

Hanging around in dark alleys. Smiling for late night mug shots.

But that ain't going to happen…

Not because I always say No. But because I know when to say yes.

And most important…

That yes doesn't come around every single day.

How bout you?

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Diet Course. On the house.

Order one. You get both.

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