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Indonesian Tongkat Ali, Testosterone, & Sex Drive!

by Tony Andreacchi


I've suffered from low sex drive. I am 49 year old male, supplemented with the real tongkat ali straight from the manufacturer in indonesia (company called ud sumatra pasak bumi).

Here in Toronto, Canada references for free testosterone for a male my age is 25.0 -80.00.

Before beginning tongkat ali, my free testosterone was at 39.1.

After 3 months on tongka ali ( must be cycled ) free testosterone jumped to 68.8 pmol/l.

Total testosterone did not increase, but dhea jumped from 3.1umol/l to 5.1 umol/l.

The reference range my age is 1.20-8.98 umol/l.

Indonesian Tongkat Ali, Testosterone, & Sex Drive!


I find it interesting that your free testosterone and DHEA's increased, but not your total testosterone.

It just goes to show you that everyone is different.

Way back when, I too used to place my orders with Sumatra Pasak, but found the price, and the long wait was not worth it.

I get hit just as hard with the Physician Formulas brand I use now, as long as I cycle it on a weekly basis.

If you haven't done so yet, you may want to try cycling several testosterone boosters, instead of just one.

I have a strong feeling you could improve on the numbers above, if you added 5 or 6 more supplements to your regime.

Good luck!

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