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I'm Only 25 And My Testicles Are Getting Smaller

by Haggis

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I'm Only 25 And My Testicles Are Getting Smaller

Hi Mark,

I've been reading your website non stop since I discovered it.

I'm 25 and noticed my testicles where getting smaller - and now they have gotten rather tiny and I'm seriously worried about them.

That's what led me to find this site.

The best part about all your info is that you've done it - which makes me feel confidant I can do it myself.

I never had a clue your testicles could actually shrink .. but now I know how to reverse this.

Thank you - you're more important than god to me right now, lol

Hello Haggis,

At 25 years of age you should be peaking sexually, not declining.

The fact that you are declining is irrefutable evidence that you've fallen outside the bounds of nature.

Why do I say that?

Because a 25 year old man doesn't suffer testicular atrophy under normal circumstances.

At 50 maybe, but definitely not at 25.

I'm passing this information on to convince you that you can take control of your situation.

That you don't have to lay back passively, as your sexuality and masculinity fade into oblivion.


Once you bring your body back into balance, the testicular atrophy will take care of itself, automatically.

Simply follow the protocols on the site, and make it a point to avoid toxic foods and chemicals in your environment.


Because the wrong foods and excessive chemical exposure can both lead to elevated estrogen in the body.

And if there's one thing your testicles don't like, it's too much estrogen floating around in the blood stream.

My gut tells these two areas will give you the most bang for your buck.

Of course, you know your body and lifestyle habits better than I ever will...

Make it a point to trust your instinct and listen to your body very closely as you proceed.

Do this, and you'll get your stuff back in no time.

Good luck!

I'm Only 25 And My Testicles
Are Getting Smaller to Low-T-Home

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