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How To Get More Hormones At Night

by Mark

I woke up at 2 am a few days ago….

To the sound of quiet tapping on my daughters bedroom window.

She was sleeping at a friends house that night so she didn't get the message…

But I did.

And since I knew it was one of the teenage boys that have been sneaking around my house lately…

I decided to have some fun.

So I crept out the front door and quietly walked around the corner….

And there he stood, a bucket full of hormones all packed up into a 16 year old male body.

I hit him right between the eyes with the beam of my flashlight and yelled out in a loud voice….

What are you doing in my crib?

This line came from the movie To Live and Die in LA and I've been looking for an excuse to use it for years.

Anyway, this kid jumped a good 3 inches off the ground at the sound of my booming voice…

And when his feet hit the dirt again, he ran for the hills faster than a jackrabbit with it's tail on fire.

It's been a looong time since I've laughed that hard.

Wanna know something?

Your "getting busy" motivation can tell you something important about yourself…

Because when it stops showing up, you can count on the fact that mother nature has given up on you…

Because she saves the good stuff for men who are actually going to use it - and this explains
why it's so incredibly important that you do.

And it's interesting….

Because when you start acting on the urge every time it hits you, she'll start sending you more juice…

And once you get back on her payroll….

You'll suddenly find yourself doing the late night tapping…

Right on your girls shoulder before you turn her over to take the ultimate prize.

They say that youth get to have all the fun in life.

I say screw that.


P.S. Could your girl use a little late night inspiration?

Try this.

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