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How To Flood Your Body With Male Hormones In 10 Minutes Flat!

by Mark Wilson

There's a guy that lives around the corner from me that's gets heavier every year.

Funny thing is, he exercises more than just about anyone I know. (5-6 days a week)

He's one of those slow (I can walk faster than that) type of joggers.

He runs so painfully slow it actually hurts to watch.

As the years have gone by, he's gone from a simple wrap on one knee to industrial sized braces on both.

And when he lopes around, he has a pronounced limp that makes him look almost crippled.

I've talked to this guy many times and he's not stupid, so this whole thing has me baffled.

I mean, you've been doing this jogging for years, you're getting heavier, your body is breaking down right before your eyes, yet you still persist?

Who knows what this guy is thinking?

If I were to talk to him about this subject, I'd tell him that the body ALWAYS manipulates hormones in response to exercise.

Then I'd explain that testing of distance runners has confirmed that a long run doubles cortisol production and slashes testosterone in half.

I don't know about you, but I'm not interested in doing ANYTHING that cuts my man juice by 50 percent.

Another study found that marathon runners have cortisol levels comparable to men undergoing an intense military interrogation.

Now that's a high level of stress!

So this begs the question…how are your exercise habits impacting your hormones?

Experience has taught me that you're probably doing one of 3 things in the exercise department…

1. Not exercising at all

2. Exercising at a very low intensity

3. Overtraining and exercising too much

The problem with these is, they will ALL lead to Sub-Optimal production of male hormones in your body.

Still, the vast majority of all men continue to fall into the 3 categories above.

This is crying shame because the holy grail of exercise really has been discovered!

A holy grail that spikes male hormones in dramatic fashion, every single time you do them.

These quick and efficient routines build muscle, enhance mood, and ignite sex drive almost instantly, without fail.

If god were to come down from the heavens tomorrow, and tell me to eliminate all of my hormone boosting protocols but one, I'd choose these exercises.

Choose them and the muscle they bring on, the estrogenic fat they eliminate, and the anabolic environment they create inside my body.

It's mother natures divine plan…

When you fly out the gates like a bat out of hell, she pays attention!

There must be a reason for all this physical activity she says, so we better prepare this body for more.

Here's a 500 percent increase in human growth hormone…come back in a day or two if you need some more.

I make this trip myself 3 times each and every week.

And I'm here to invite you to go along with me on this hormonal ride.

The bus leaves this Tuesday, 6 AM Eastern Daylight Time.

See you then!


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