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How to Build Muscle, Lose Fat, & Boost Sex Drive!

by Roger

How to Build Muscle, Lose Fat, & Boost Sex Drive!

Hi Mark,

I've been using the Testosterone Boosters and have been following most of your other recommendations.

I feel great on the diet, and have lost a boat load of excess fat.

As I've gotten thinner, I've also gotten more motivated to exercise.

I do 3 or 4 times a week, short and sweet like you advise, and I'm now more muscular then I've been in years.

I also practice ejaculation control and edging, and I have to say, all of this has worked for me like a charm.

I look like a different man now, and I feel even better than I look.

You mentioned in a blog post last week, going off the testosterone supplements should be the goal of every man.

I do wake up "feeling it" most mornings, but I really don't want to go off the supplements now.

I like the way they make me feel, and would prefer to keep cycling them if that wouldn't cause me any major problems.


How to Build Muscle, Lose Fat, & Boost Sex Drive!

Hi Roger,

I can relate!

The herbal T-Boosters make you feel very good, especially if you're doing everything right in your life.

Since you've got diet, exercise, and ejaculation control down, you've created the perfect environment in your system.

Your body wants to produce hormones now, and the little nudge the supplements deliver is all it takes to open up the hormonal floodgates.

Right now you're addicted to that rush, and I honestly can't blame you for that.

Go ahead and continue on, but be on the lookout for a few warning signs.
  • Are you aggressive while driving, to the point of being dangerous?

  • Do you get overly impatient with your friends or family?

  • Are you drinking more or taking any other unnecessary risks?
Keep in mind...

A man with optimized testosterone levels is calm, confident, and in complete control at all times.

If you get to the point where you're losing control on a regular basis, you need to back off.


Even when things are going well, make it a point to take days off here and there.

And always leave big gaps between doses of each of your individual supplements.


The bigger the gap, the less likely it is you'll experience negative side effects.

Hope that helps Roger!

Congratulations on your follow through, determination, and success with the system.

How to Build Muscle Lose Fat
& Boost Sex Drive to Low T Levels-Home

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