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How to Break Through a Plateau

by Frank

Hi Mark,

I've been a member of your list since 2009, but haven't done much with the information you've sent me.

My goal this year is to get off the dime and change my situation because I'm in pretty bad shape right now.

But I have a question for you before I start - how do I stay motivated?

Frank D.

Hello Frank,

I keep the quote above from Bruce Lee on my desktop at all times….

I read these words of wisdom every morning when I wake up, then I ask myself…

Do I want to have a good day today or a bad day?

I don't make the correct decision all the time, but on most days I do.

That's how I stay motivated, because I know that this test only has one correct answer.

And if I get the question right, I win.

Now here's the thing Frank…

You've been confronted with this question yourself, every day since you joined my list 5 years ago.

And you've been choosing the wrong answer.

I'm sure you've had some some good days here and there, but they were probably wrapped into some sort of escapism…

And by escapism I mean you used booze, food, sleep or television to escape the reality of your situation…

Because you can't find true happiness unless you figure out a way to escape the current life you created for yourself, right?

I say this because a plateau is not a happy place to be, and you've been sitting on yours for quite some time.

So here's the deal…

I can light the match, and provide some inspiration, but it's up to you to start the fire and keep it burning.

Unfortunately, most men aren't willing to do this - so the first time they hit a plateau, they roll over and give in.

But you haven't given up Frank, and that means you're unique...

You're in the small minority of men who've decided you'd like to see many more good days on your horizon…

And most important of all -you're willing to do something to make that happen.

And what exactly should that something be?

Take your pick…


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