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How Many Times Should I Ejaculate A Week?

by Derrick

How Many Times Should I Ejaculate A Week?

Hello Mark,

I'm on day 56 with the Testosterone Boosters and the penis ring and I can really notice a big difference in my interest in sex, my erections, and my ejaculations. My wife even commented on the last one.

I'm very happy with how I've progressed in just under 2 months.

I haven't gone all paleo with my diet, but I have gone gluten and casien free, which has helped me with my weight, my allergies, and the look of my skin.

I didn't realize how toxic wheat was to my system, until I went off it for a week, then ate it agian.

My skin broke out, I developed dark circles under my eyes, my nose plugged up, and I sneezed probably 200 times.

I've also been doing Edging, with my wife's approval, and have tried to limit my ejaculations to once or twice a week.

This leads me to my question for you...

If I increase that number to 3 or more times per week, will I undo all the progress I've made so far?

I don't want to do anyting now that would interfere with my progress.

Thanks for putting up this site, and for your help Mark

How Many Times Should I Ejaculate A Week?

Hello Derrick,

You didn't say how old you were, so that's a tough one to answer.

If you're under the age of 30, I'd say you might be able to get away with 3+ ejaculations per week.

Over 30, I'd be extrememly cautious...40 plus, I'd say don't even think about it.

But the question you need to ask yourself is...do you really want to?

Keep in mind...

You're exactly where you want to be right now...In the state of WANTING to have sex!

This is a clear signal that you've got your hormones dialed in to perfection!

Always remember...

When you're in this mode, you become pro-active, energetic, and highly motivated, by default.

Your mind moves itself into an extremely creative state as well.

Your goal should be to take this energy, this powerful force, and channel it into something huge!

So, instead of dragging your wife into the bedroom 3 times a week, and blowing the force...

Take on a massive, life changing project.

Trust me, in your current state, you have the mental and physical fortitude to accomplish just about anything you want.

I recommend going after a project that will put cash in your bank account.


Because a state of extreme financial security frees up all your time and energy.

Time and energy you can use to go out and pursue projects that light the fires inside your belly.

My life changing project is this website.

This is my labor of love...and because I channeled my force from the very beginning, I have all the time I need to come here and play every single day.

I own other websites and investments that pay the bills...but this project is my PASSION!

Your job now is to figure out what your passion is.

How Many Times Should I Ejaculate A Week?

Here's what you need to do starting today, Derrick.

Embrace your sexed up state...

And when you wake up in the morning with a powerful erection, and testicles rock hard, and full of sperm, fight the urge to release.

Then get up, take all your pent up energy, and create an amazing life for yourself.


You only go around once here on earth, so don't settle for just surviving from day to day.

Go out and live your life with energy, confidence, and passion!

You'll have what it takes to do all of this, once you develop the discipline to control, to own your ejaculations

Good luck!

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How Many Times Should I Ejaculate A Week
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How many times?
by: Anonymous

So then by having a vasectomy and storing up semen seems to be a very good thing, and if you do ejaculate but no semen is released its like not ejaculating at all and all this energy is still on tap? Does that sound right?

something good
by: Anonymous

Observance of Brahmacharya would appear to be meaningless, because
scientists, through laboratory tests, have proved that semen cannot be reabsorbed into the
system and that the brain has nothing to do with semen.
Semen is a mysterious secretion that is able to create a living body. Semen itself is living
substance. It is life itself. Therefore, when it leaves man, it takes a portion of his own life. A
living thing cannot be put to laboratory tests, without first killing it. The scientist has no
apparatus to test it. God has provided the only test to prove its precious nature, viz., the womb.
The very fact that semen is able to create life is proof enough that it is life itself.
I have thousands of letters from young men who have wasted this precious fluid and are
in a miserable plight. Several young men even go to the point of committing suicide! Through
reckless waste of semen, they lose all their physical, mental and intellectual faculties. Those who
are perfect Brahmacharins have lustrous eyes, a healthy body and mind, and a keen, piercing
Scientists with their test tubes and balances cannot approach subtle things. No amount of
dissection of the body will be able to tell you where the soul is, where life is, or where the mind
is. Through the practice of Yoga, the seminal energy¾not the gross physical semen¾flows
upwards and enriches the mind. This has been declared by the sages. You will have to
experience it yourself.

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