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HGH Spray! Sleep, Exercise, & Human Growth Hormone Production!

by William

Hi Mark,

Quick question-

Can I take the HGH Spray along with the testosterone boosters or does it need a day of it's own?

Would I continue on my 7 day cycle and add HGH every other day?..

I've got just about everything you recommend except the L-Glutamine and HGH spray and I'm ordering them next.

I've gone "all in" in all areas and am starting to see great results after just 2 weeks!!!!

Thanks a million for this site!

HGH Spray! Sleep, Exercise, & Human Growth Hormone Production!

Hi William,

Going all in is a good thing!

The guys who really go after it, never seem to fail, so good for you!

There's no real need to cycle the Somatosome spray, feel free to take it daily if you'd like.

I typically use mine 4 or 5 days a week.

In addition to using the spray, I've also spent lots of time perfecting my workout and sleep routines, in order to maximize human growth hormone production.

As you probably know, most of your daily HGH secretion is going to occur during the first few hours of sleep.

What you want to shoot for is a deep, slow wave sleeping pattern, and you want it to happen sooner as opposed to later.

If you spend the first few hours of the night, tossing and turning, you're not going to get much of an HGH hit that night.

A recent sleep study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association confirmed this.

It found that men with a high percentage of slow wave sleep, had very high levels of growth hormone secretion.

Subjects with low levels of slow wave sleep, experienced very low growth hormone release.

There are a several things you can do to ensure you drop into slow wave sleep quickly, every night...

  • Don't eat big meals prior to bedtime.

  • Cut the caffeine off by noon every day.

  • Supplement with ZMA nightly.

  • Workout with intensity on a regular basis.

Speaking of workouts, for maximum HGH production, hit your routines hard, and do them in a fasting state!

Intense exercise boosts growth hormone production.

When the exercise is done in a fasting state, the boost is increased, dramatically.

I always fast on days when I do my squat routine.

Typically, I delay my first meal until around noon, then I hit the squats hard.

Since I know carbs will shut down HGH production in a flash, I consume protein rich foods after the workout.

It's all pretty simple...

Focus on solid sleeping habits, intelligent supplementation, and proper exercise, and you'll be secreting growth hormone like a 20 year old in no time.

Thanks for your question!

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