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Habits and Rituals

I'm a big fan of habits and rituals…

Because a man without a plan doesn't win very often in the game of life.

There are too many distractions. Roadblocks. Temptations.

I talk to men every week who have just blown along with the wind without any plan whatsoever….

They eat the poison they see advertised on television. Then take the drugs advertised on that same TV to mitigate the damage.

Doesn't sound like much of a plan to me. How about you?

Funny thing is, good habits are fairly easy to develop. But most people over complicate things….

I can't tell you how many New's Years resolution failure emails I've received. And January isn't even over yet.

They often go something like this…

I've been running six miles every morning for two weeks. But I'm losing motivation. What should I do?

How about you stop running six miles every morning for starters?

Only about 1 in 100 men are six mile every morning type guys. And from the sound of things you're not one of them.

So lets figure out something that's actually doable for you.

This "doable thing" usually winds up being something real simple.

Say….let's replace those painful morning runs with 8 minutes of HIT Exercise. 3 times a week.

You can do that, right? Sure you can.

Every man needs to develop health habits like this….

Skip this step and your body will start to break down on you way ahead of schedule…

Walk though any mall on a Sunday afternoon sometime for proof of this fact.

As for myself?

I learned a looooong time ago that I'm not a six mile run in the morning type of guy either.

So I made a point of developing habits and rituals that are real easy for me to follow.

Habits like these….

My Ejaculatory Habit

My Supplement Habit

My Exercise Habit

My Diet Habit

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