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Gorilla and chimpanzee testicles vs human

Gorillas have puny little testicles…

Chimpanzees have massive, jumbo sized boys.

This disparity is due the fact that chimps compete for female attention.

Gorillas do not.

Only the dominant silverback has breeding rights.

So he has virtually no sperm competition, as long as he's the alpha.

So he can get by with a pair of peanuts, no problem at all.

But a chimp needs a pair of baseballs if he wants to get his swimmers anywhere near a fertile egg.

Historically, humans have behaved much more like chimps. We do compete, in ways that you may not even be aware of.

For example…

The head of your man tool has a backward facing ridge for a very specific reason….

To scrape a competitors semen out her box while you're thrusting in and out…

Your unit is basically designed as a sperm ejecting shovel.

Proof that sperm competition was a big part of life before marriage contracts came around.

You wanna know something?

You can compete for a prize, even if you already own it. You can also look at somebody else’s prize, without touching it...

And you can fantasize, about whatever it is that turns you on, without feeling any damn guilt about it.

Because all this means is, you're acting like a human being…

A man.

And why would anyone ever feel guilty about that?

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