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Fire in the Belly!

Testosterone & Productivity in Men

Fire in the Belly! Testosterone & Productivity in Men

When you lose the fire in your belly, life goes down hill pretty fast.

It has to, because a man without the fire is no longer living.

He may be walking, talking, and breathing, but he's not REALLY living.

To be truly alive, a man has to be involved in a chase, in the pursuit of something big.

Think back for a moment to your biggest accomplishment in life.

Graduating from college, nailing down that dream job, building your first business.


When you reflect on this event, I'm sure you'll remember that achieving your objective was extremely gratifying,

But, the real joy came from the pursuit!

Waking up in the morning, itching to get started, because that goal of yours is out there waiting, and you've got to get up and hunt it down.

If I were to define happiness, I'd have to say the above sentence sums it up almost perfectly.

Keep an objective on the horizon at all times, to give your life a strong sense of meaning and purpose.

Of course, all of this is easier said than done if a man is lacking in testosterone.


Because a low t man normally operates from a place of fear, self doubt, and apathy.

Not the sort of ingredients you need to create a meaningful life for yourself.

Fire in the Belly!
Testosterone & Productivity in Men!

Running this website has taught me something very important about low t men looking to regain that fire in the belly.

Getting started is the hardest part!

And it's not because the amount of work involved is so overwhelming...

If you think about it, all you have to do is cycle some hormone supplements, mix up your diet and exercise, practice ejaculation control, etc..

Sure, there is some effort involved, but it's not THAT big of a deal.

The real problem is the inertia that sets in when a man has been operating without fuel for so long.

Inertia, and the inability to dream, to think big anymore.

In essence, you get used to doing the absolute bare minimum to get by, because you have no reason to do otherwise.

You've lost the dream, that thing in your life is gone, so why bother anymore?

Well, I'll tell you why!

Because letting go like this is just like opening the door and inviting death to walk into the room.

And we both know that death, that fading away into oblivion for good, is not what you want right now, correct?

I thought so!

The key for you at this moment is action, no matter how small in scope...

Take tiny little steps, begin moving in the right direction, and make it a point to do something every single day.

Once you get the momentum going, you'll find that life takes on new meaning.

You have a purpose now...to regain your male hormones, to get your sex drive, your zest for life back again.

Once you start moving towards this goal, you'll find that happiness in life is much easier to come by.

Easier to come by because you've sparked up that fire in your belly once again.

Now all you need to do is take this spark, and run with it.

Fire in the Belly to Testosterone Effects

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