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Female Libido! Testosterone Replacement for Women!

by Martin

Female Libido! Testosterone Replacement for Women!

Hi Mark,

I'm 43 and have had very low testosterone levels, well below the reference range ever since I had a vasectomy 3 years a go.

Through this time I ate and trained very close to what you suggest on your website with little improvement, so my doctor put me on testosterone injections about 4 months ago.

After reading your website I will definitely be giving the injections the flick and trying the natural supplements you suggest.

I do have 1 QUESTION. My partner is 37 with 3 children youngest being 4.

In the last 12 months she has gained 30 and pounds felt tired all the time.

She has eaten and trained no different to how she did before the weight gain so we had tests run.

Tests came back very low morning CORTISOL, low TESTOSTORONE, low DHEAS, low PROGESTERONE and high ESTROGEN.

Just wondering whether the natural testosterone boosters and estrogen blockers are okay for women to use too.

If so, would you use the same cycling as for a male.

Thanks very much Mark, I really hope you can answer this for me.

All the best Martin.

Female Libido!
Testosterone Replacement for Women

Hello Martin,

I get this question a lot...

My partner is going through major hormonal problems as well, will the supplements work for her?

I have to be totally honest about this...I really don't know!

The methods described on my site can transform a mans life, but when it comes to women?

I can't say for sure.

About the best I can do for you, is refer you to a product that came highly recommended to me about 7 months ago.

This referral came directly from a regular site visitor, and I've been sending women to it ever since.

But I must disclose...

Unlike most items listed on my site, I've never purchased or used this product myself.

Follow the link below to explore the information for yourself.

Naturapause Solutions for Women

Good luck!

Female Libido Testosterone Replacement for Women
to Boost Your Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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