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Ever lose your erection middle of the act?

by Mark Wilson

Here's a real common problem in men over 40

Right in the middle of the act when things seem to going

BAM, you lose your erection.

This is purely a psychological problem, because if you can achieve it,
you can sustain it.

And Dr. K Kuruvilla, a Professor of Psychiatry at the Institute of Medical
Science has demonstrated this.

Using guided imagery and masturbatory conditioning he's achieved a
70% success rate treating men with this problem.

His system is called the Eiffel Power Program.

This is definitely out of the box material, and unlike anything I've ever
seen before.

For example, part of the process involves reading erotic material combined
with manual stimulation.

And Kuruvilla is very particular about when and how often you release.

And it's important that these rules are followed exactly as described
otherwise you won't make the 70 percent.

His info on your state of hardness before release is equally important.

I spent the weekend going through this material and here's my take…

If you're willing to carefully follow this plan to the letter, I suggest you
try this.

But remember, you need to be prepared to spend a few minutes working
on this every day.

If you don't have the time or the patience, you should pass.

Here's the link.

One more thing...

There's another technique in this material that you should definitely use.

When you're manually stimulating yourself, use your non dominant hand.

So if you're right handed, use your left when doing the masturbatory
conditioning exercises.

The details are explained inside the course.

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