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Drug Company Tactics

by Mark Wilson

We're facing an epidemic….

Young men are being targeted for replacement therapy
like we've never seen before…

And medical man is passing out fake hormones so fast
you'd think he was handing out candy…

But he's not.

What he is doing is creating addicts.

Young victims destined to be hooked for 40 years or

If they live that long.

And there's not a person on this planet that knows
for certain if that will happen.

And if any man tells you otherwise, he's a damn lair.

If I were in the big house…

I'd make it a punishable crime to push this junk on
people who don't even need it….

Especially our youth.

And if one of these fools ever tried to push his junk on
one of my people?

I certainly wouldn't sit around and do nothing.

I'd call the joker in the white lab coat on his idiotic

And I hope you'd do the same.

Because here's the way I see this situation…

A line has been drawn in the sand in front every one
of us…

And we need to decide now which side we're going
to choose.

On one side….

You'll find junk for cholesterol, blood pressure, bad breath,
loose stools…

They've even got something you can take if you wake up
in a bad mood.

Most men choose this side.

And they've got the stash of amber colored bottles to prove it.

As for me, I chose the other side…

The one where loose stools would warrant a look at what I
had for lunch the previous day.

Not another script.

Here's a fact…

If you're under the age of 40 you have a big target on
your back.

Because you represent a massive untapped market.

Think the gross national product of several small countries,
with an added zero or two.

This means big pharm is onto you.

And to make matters worse, the guys in lab coats are in on
this scheme.

Not because of greed in most cases, but because of outright

And remember…

This brain trust is going to put massive pressure on you
over the next 10 years….

And they're going to do everything in their power to hook you up.

The average 50 year old man today has beed duped four times.

That's right…

He's got four amber bottles in his cabinet that he uses every
day of the week.

If that's not the definition of an addict, I'd sure like to know what is.

My point?

You have absolute control over what you put into your body.

And if you don't take a firm stand now. You're going to wind up
on the wrong side of the line.

And if you'd like to know how this is going work out…

Have a conversation with a 50 year old who's been spending
plenty of time with the lab coats…

He'll tell you the truth.

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