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Does Stamina Rx Really Work?

Does Stamina Rx Really Work?

Yes, absolutely!

This supplement will give you...

  • Increased energy
  • Elevated mood

  • Larger-Fuller Testicles

Trust me, you'll find plenty of people trashing this product on the web.

These negative reviews are what stopped me from trying it for so long.

If you go and look at these write ups, you'll see almost 100% of them come from sites pulling a bait and switch.

It usually goes something like this...

Stamina RX doesn't work, so buy our (usually way more expensive) supplement instead.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals put out a good product with Stamina Rx, and at 30 bucks a pop, the price is reasonable.

They don't deserve the bad rap!

In a lot of ways Stamina reminds me of Yohimbe. (There's a bit of yohimbe in the product). Overdo it, and you'll pay the price. Hit the sweet spot, and it's very nice!

Side Effects of Stamina Rx

Yup, there are side effects. Rapid heart rate, increased body temperature, and aggressiveness are the most common.

If you've been around here long you already know what's coming.

Underdose in the beginning. The first day you use it, cut the pill in half.

If everything is cool, go for a whole tab on day 2.

Take it for a few days, then cycle off to avoid building up a tolerance.

If you start at a low dose, and cycle the product, you'll most likely avoid any side effects.

Mix it up with other testosterone boosting supplements, and keep your body guessing.

Don't get stuck on a single supplement for too long!

Keep in mind, Stamina Rx is a stand alone supplement.

Do not take it along with other testosterone boosters, and avoid taking within 3 days of supplementing with yohimbe.

Read user reviews and check current prices here

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