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Doctor Won't Put Me On Testosterone Replacement

Doctor Won't Put Me On Testosterone Replacement

Doctor Won't Put Me On Testosterone Replacement

Hi Mark,

I'm 30 and my total Testosterone levels are 347.

I possess all the classic low T symptoms, but my doctor tells me I'm in the "Normal Range".

As a result she is unwilling to help me, but after studying your site I think it's for the best.

I think the Natural T Boosters you endorse seem safer then the hormone therapy doctors typically prescribe.

With that said, do you think 347 is low enough where I should start on a 7 day cycle?

If I do use them, how long does it typically take to notice a change, particularly an increase in energy?

Any input you can give would be GREATLY appreciated.

Doctor Won't Put Me On Testosterone Replacement

Hello George,

I hate to say this, but it's nice to hear that you were turned down for testosterone replacement.

That never seems to happen!

So while I agree with your doc's decision on that point, I disagree with her on your testosterone status.

Her "Normal Numbers" were complied using standard reference ranges...defined as the range that 95 percent of the male population falls into.

But, all you need to do is walk through your local mall or grocery store to see that very few men these days can REALLY can be described as normal.

You see, normal to me would mean lean, tan, fit, and muscular…and only about 10 percent of all men in my neck of the woods fall into that category.

These are the men most likely to have a truly normal male hormone profile.

The other 90 percent are either overweight, lacking muscle and underdeveloped, elderly, sick, or just downright unhealthy.

Doctor Won't Put Me On Testosterone Replacement

So this begs the question…why would we want to "Reference Out" our hormonal status to these people, who have marginal health at best?

The answer is, we wouldn't!

This is just plain old common sense at work here George, but it's tough to argue with, don't you think?

Doctor Won't Put Me On Testosterone Replacement

Mother nature gave you a genetic potential of 1000 plus, and falling well below that potential is clearly suboptimal.

So in answer to your question, yes, your numbers are definitely low enough to warrant use of the Testosterone Boosters…despite the references ranges, or anyone else's opinion.

But I need to warn you…

If you're a pale, overweight, potato chip munching, couch loving creature, don't expect results overnight.

As a matter of fact, I'd suggest NOT using the supplements at all yet if this describes you.

I say this because the herbal testosterone boosters work their magic best in men who are on the upswing.

Those who have begun the shift from soft, fleshy, and feminine, to hard, lean and muscular.

Men who have rejected the physically destructive Standard American Diet, and have moved on to real, whole, unprocessed food.

Those who have taken serious steps to avoid chemicals, limit excessive masturbation, exercise consistently, etc, etc...

So, if you're on the upswing George, go ahead and pull the trigger on the supplements

If not, take care of the basics described above BEFORE you go on your first cycle.

This is very important, so don't ignore this advice!

If you feel like you need an exercise - food plan, I'd suggest This One.

And before you ask, no, you don't need to be a perfect physical specimen to get started…just on that upswing we just talked about.

And how long will it take for those supplements to kick in once you begin?

Follow the guidelines above, and you'll feel the juice after the very first dose.

Good luck!

Doctor Won't Put Me On Testosterone
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Doctor Won't Put Me On Testosterone
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