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Diabetes, Testosterone Supplements, & the Liver!

by Corey
(Dallas, TX, USA)


Since most diabetics have low testosterone levels, will using these Testosterone Boosters help increase T levels in diabetics?

And what does cycling do to your liver health?

Diabetes, Testosterone Supplements, & the Liver!

Hello Corey,

Before I figured out the diet thing, back in the days when I was living on cereal, chips, pasta, cookies, etc..., (low fat of course), I had blood sugar problems.

I wasn't a full blown type 2 diabetic, but I was well on my way.

If I had of continued on that course, I'm positive I'd be injecting insulin by now.

Anyway, I cleaned up my diet, and my blood sugar levels began to stabilize, although they weren't quite perfect yet.

I still had problems with dawn phenomenon, where my glucose levels would rise in the mornings, even when I hadn't eaten anything.

This is a very common problem with type 2 diabetics.

At the same time all this was going on, I began experimenting with Natural Testosterone Boosters.

This was in the early days, when I hadn't figured out which supplements worked, and which didn't.

I tested my blood sugar daily back then, using a Freestyle meter manufactured by TheraSense.

Over time, a pattern began to emerge.

On days when I took a supplement that actually worked, my blood sugar parked itself right down in the low 90's.

I'd eat, see a small spike, then bam! It would go right back down again.

I'm of the belief now that low testosterone levels are a leading cause of type 2 diabetes in men.

In other words, I don't think the diabetes causes the low testosterone, I think the low T causes the diabetes.

There are several doctors around the US, who are using testosterone replacement therapy, along with carbohydrate restriction, to virtually cure type 2 diabetics, which seems to support my argument.

Of course, I think there's a better way than TRT..

I rather find my solutions through diet, exercise, and natural testosterone supplements.

Regarding the liver...

You need to remember, we're using small amounts of natural substances, provided to us directly from nature.


We regularly take days off and we cycle our supplements, which reduces the potential for toxicity.

I believe it's the guy taking statins for elevated cholesterol, ACE inhibitors or Beta blockers for high blood pressure, analgesics for pain, and antihistamines to control allergies, that needs to worry about liver problems.

I've personally had 3 liver panels over the years, and the tests have confirmed every time that all is well.

Thanks for your questions!

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