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Diabetes is a testosterone killer!

Diabetes is a testosterone killer!

And the meds used to treat the disease kill human

Take Mediator…

2000 thousand people died in France alone from this
one until it was finally pulled off the market.


It looks like the medical men in Europe may have
learned their lesson….

Because they banned another nasty called Avandia
as soon as it started taking people out.

But not here in the US…

Even though Avandia is a heart attack producing

Estimates put the number of victims at 100K plus…

So this isn't a small deal. This stuff is downright dangerous.

The FDA has put a few regulations on Avandia…

But you can still buy it. And doctors are still writing
scrips for it.

So if you want some, it's really not a problem.

Of course there are other alternatives if you'd rather not.

Take Byetta and Januvia for example...

These two lower blood sugars just like Avandia does.

But they also cause thyroid cancer and pancreatic cancer.

And remember…

Diabetes is treatable. Pancreatic cancer is usually not.

Steve Jobs is proof of this.

So here's the take home message…

You can't fight mother nature. That's a battle you're
never going to win…

If you want control the disease you need to play by
her rules…

You need to do this.

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