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Cystic Acne, Testosterone, Insulin & IGF-1

by Florian

Cystic Acne, Testosterone, Insulin & IGF-1

Hello Mark,

I'm an 18 year old male in a very ill condition.

Ever since moving to the United States from Switzerland at 7 years of age, my health has constantly gone downhill.

I suffered from depression, overeating, then became very over weight with insomnia .

As I hit puberty, I developed an ever worsening case of severe acne.

Now, I'm here with chronic fatigue and no sex drive whatsoever, despite having a wonderfully attractive girlfriend.

I really love your views on this testosterone issue and have to agree with you on everything I've read so far.

Now, I first came across the importance of testosterone when I tried some pine pollen for the first time.

I felt more than cured, I had energy, I was happy, I felt like I knew what love was again..

But this wore off after a day or two as I didn't know about anything cycling supplements.

I have been eating a raw paleo diet for about 2 months now.

I had great improvement in every aspect of my health when I started this diet and I feel like this may be because of the hormonal effect.

Unfortunately, it seems to only have affected me the best in the beginning. At the moment I am doing OK.

I ordered the 7 supplements you recommended in one package. I am excited to give this a good try, but just recently had second thoughts because of the possibility of experiencing worse acne.

You mentioned that you consider Gynecomastia in the same category as cystic acne.

I do realize how estrogen plays a big role here, but do you think all cystic acne is directly caused by too much estrogen?

If I notice any significant worsening on these herbs I may stop. I hope this can not bring my hormone levels further out of balance, but I know I need to boost my testosterone.

Have you experienced anything like this health-wise?

If this works well for me I will keep you updated.

Cystic Acne, Testosterone, Insulin & IGF-1

Hello Florian,

Cystic acne and gyno both come on as a result of living outside the bounds of nature.

Gyno attacks males who've entered the feminine zone...

Men who are walking around with way too much estrogen and prolactin in their systems as a result of extremely poor lifestyle decisions.

And Acne?

You only need to look as far as the fork heading into your mouth to find the culprit of this malady.

Yup, acne is a disease of modern civilization, brought on by consuming foods that man did not evolve eating.

Your dermatologist will laugh in your face if you attempt to have this discussion with him, but this is a cold hard fact!

Need proof?

Head to the library, and spend an hour in the anthropology section looking at pictures of hunter gatherers.

You won't find a blemish.


Because until recent times, wild living peoples didn't have access to Frito Lay, Hostess, and Pepsi Cola like we do.

Nope, they ate real, whole, unprocessed, un-industrialized foods.

Food that do not cause blatant insulin resistance in humans.

Insulin resistance that leads to wild IGF-1 and insulin spikes in the body...

Spikes that cause hormonal malfunctions that convert your testosterone into dihydroxytestosterone (DHT), in double time.

DHT that get the sebaceous glands going on the skin, producing the substance, sebum, in high volume.

And oily, sebum infested skin creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Bacteria that brings on the white blood cells, AKA puss, whose job is to attack and kill off this bacterial overgrowth.

Keep eating those cupcakes and drinking those sodas, and this assault will accelerate until your hair follicles become infected.

And once those hair follicles enter the game, get ready, because it's cystic acne time.

Cystic Acne, Testosterone, Insulin & IGF-1

When you went paleo 2 months ago, you made a huge step toward regaining your health.

A step away from the industrialized foods that literally destroyed your health at only 18 years of age.

You may not feel 100 percent yet, but you can't expect to repair 18 years of damage in a mere 60 days.

My advice to you?

Make a life long commitment to paleo eating, as the evidence is abundantly clear that you have very little tolerance for modern foods.

Then go to work on balancing your hormones, naturally.


No need to worry about the Supplements causing acne, as long as you stick with your new eating plan.

Fall off the wagon and go back to your old ways, and I can't make any guarantees.


You've already taken the most difficult step, Florian...

Stay the course, continue tweaking, and you'll get there.

Good luck!

Cystic Acne Testosterone Insulin
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