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Consumer Reports Blasts Testosterone Replacement Therapy

by Mark Wilson

Consumer Reports came out swinging in their July issue.

Testosterone replacement was the topic. And they Really went after it….

This was the first bombshell:

In 2011 big pharm spent 14 million marketing their testosterone replacement products.

In 2012. Just one measly year later…

That number had Exploded up to 107 million dollars.

So 14 million to 107 million. In only twelve months.


Bombshell #2:

That $107 million marketing investment paid them back very sweetly…

Two and a half Billion dollars was the final payback. Paid out by 8 million hard working men…

In the United States alone.

If you're wondering how things are going to work out for
these new users…

All you need to do is read a few snippets from the medical
experts quoted in the aritcle…

The benefits of testosterone replacement are overblown and
the risks under appreciated.

Those Risks Include:

Breast enlargement - reduced fertility - heart attacks -reduced sperm counts and possibly faster growing prostate cancer.

And this:

The American Urological Association added testosterone therapy to a list of overused and potentially dangerous medical treatments.

And if that wasn't enough:

Another concern is reduced sperm counts. I see men every week who are infertile thanks to testosterone therapy.

There was quite a bit more to this article. But I think I've told you enough.

So now I'll tell you this…

We're shipping out our testosterone test kits.
World Wide.
Each kit comes with a copy of the Be All The Man You
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Without any of the B.S.
If think you may have low testosterone. Or high estrogen.

You Should Do this.

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