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Combining Testosterone Supplements for Maximum Effectiveness

by Punda

Combining Testosterone Supplements for Maximum Effectiveness

Hello Mark,

Thanks very much for a very informative site.

I have had ED, sleep apnea, and low testosterone for almost 6 yrs.

All of these are also compounded by weight problems -- currently at 230 lbs. I am working on losing this weight.

I have also had an operation for my apnea so it is somehow under control for the past 2 years.

Now, I'm left with ED and Low T (my current level is 232).

I want to take natural supplements instead of androgel/testim which, among other things, would aggravate my apnea symptoms.

I bought the following from Physician Formulas:

- Catuaba Bark
- Macuna Pruriens
- Tribulus Terrestris
- Rhodiola Rosea
- Horny Goat Weed
- Tongkat Ali Extract
- Passion RX

I want to start cycling them as you've advised.

This is because I have taken Passion RX daily before and I think I developed resistance, so I want to be careful this time.

I want to take the Passion Rx on Saturdays, and the other 6 during the week.

I am wondering if you would advice that I add:

Maca, Macuna Pruriens, Yohimbe and Deer Antler to the mix so that I can take these on some days.

-- Mondays: Tongkat Ali - Tribulus
-- Tuesdays: Macuna Pruriens - Yohimbe
-- Wednesday: Deer Antler Velvet - Rhodiola Rosea
-- Thursday: Catuba
-- Friday: Horney Goat Weed - Maca
-- Saturday: Passion Rx
-- No Supplement

Would you advice this regiment?


Combining Testosterone Supplements for Maximum Effectiveness

Hello Punda,

I'd start off taking each herbal supplement one at a time, in order to find out exactly how you respond to each.


You can begin combining products after you know exactly how they're going to hit you.

In the mean time, use your extra supplements to create bigger gaps between doses.


A 7 day gap is good, but 10 days is even better.


You're going to have days where the hormonal hit carries over from the previous day.

When this happens, don't take any supplements at all.

When you finally jump back in the next day, you'll catch your body completely off guard.

This will fling the hormonal floodgates wide open, which is exactly what we're looking.

Combining Testosterone Supplements for Maximum Effectiveness

Once you've got a good grip on all your supplements, then you can start combining.

This is when a multitude of possibilities will open up for you.

For example...

You've just taken a day off, and are ready to dose up again.

Try a random combination you've never tried before.

Mix and match this new combo, and chase it all down with a 5 hour energy,


Lay back and watch all the magic happen!


Sleep Apnea is closely tied to insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Your weight tells me that you're most likely flirting with all of the above.

A switch to a controlled carb, Paleo Diet will help you get control of this situation.

This diet will also send your weight down in a matter of weeks.


Do yourself a favor, and don't rely on the supplements to do all the heavy lifting.

Change your diet, and you'll change your life!

Good luck to you!

Combining Testosterone Supplements for Maximum
Effectiveness to Low Testosterone Levels-Home

Comments for Combining Testosterone Supplements for Maximum Effectiveness

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Jan 13, 2011
Testosterone Supplements & Calcium
by: Alenjacks

You have provided very nice information regarding testosterone supplements through your blog.

One thing I want to share with you, an example of a supplement that is critical to good health is a calcium supplement.

So many people lack calcium in their daily diet, which puts them at risk of brittle bone disease and osteoporosis.

Oct 31, 2010
by: Punda


Thanks very much for the detailed advice. I will follow it to the letter. I started today with Tongkat Ali, and will follow with Tribulus tomorrow.

As you rightly suggested, I have been on the paleo diet (actually the Atkins version) for about a week now, leading to a loss of about 5 pounds. I plan to continue it, to ensure that I drop to around 180ibs for my height (5 feet 6 inches).

So thanks - I will write back.

rgds, Punda

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