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Cold Showers?

by Christian Brown

I've heard that taking a cold shower at least once a day is a healthy practice. Among other things, I read somewhere that it can boost your testosterone levels.

Now to me, an increase in testosterone is a very desirable thing. I'm already working out, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. Could taking cold showers be one more item to add to my repertoire of testosterone boosting techniques?

What other things can I do to boost testosterone levels?

Hello Christian,

There's pretty good evidence to show that cold showers increase immunity, enhance fertility, boost sperm count, and possibly even increase male hormone levels.

I got turned onto them by a friend of mine who is into bodybuilding, and have been taking them for a couple of years now.

I don't take straight cold showers, it's too painful.

What I do is called contrast showering.

To contrast shower, you start of with warm water, switch to cold for 30 seconds, rinse and repeat.

To get the benefits, make sure to point the shower stream toward your testicles several times during the process.

To end the shower, switch to cold, but just hit your legs. That way, you won't get out of the shower freezing your butt off, because your upper body will still be warm.

As far as other things you can do to boost testosterone levels, you should look into supplements.

Since you already have diet and exercise down, your body is primed and ready to jump to the next level.

Testosterone boosters will take you there.

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