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Catuaba - Muira Puama & Sex Drive

by Matthew

Hello Mark,

I am contemplating taking catuaba and muira puama supplements based on the overwhelming positive reviews I have read, including yours.

However I would like to know more about the cycle in which I should take these two products, should I take them together?

And what periods of rest should be included? Many Thanks!

Any information of cycling would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Matthew,

Catuaba bark and muira pauma are very good sex boosting supplements.

I typically take them together, becuase of the synergy that is created when they're combined.

Locating a quality source for both of these has been difficult in the past, unless you were willing to buy the whole root powder, and take the time to prepare it, and gulp down the nasty concoction.

I did that for a while, until I found a product called Catuaba Power Max. This product has both catuaba and muira puama, and it's inexpensive, which has solved the hassles of taking these two supplements.

As far as cycling, the process is fairly simple. Take a supplement for one day, then move on to the next.

To make this work, you need to keep several Testosterone Boosters in your medicine cabinet at all times.

If you make the mistake of using the same supplement, day in and day out, your body will adjust, and the product will stop working.

Good luck to you!

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