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Can't Get My Penis Hard!

by Rob

Can't Get MY Penis Hard! Erection Difficulty

Hi Mark,

My sex drive is way down, and it takes me forever to get an erection these days.

Where as it used to take nothing to get hard, now it needs to be stimulated for several minutes before I can get a full erection.

I'm 44 years old, roughly 25 pounds overweight, and my diet is not that great.

I don't exercise either, which I'm sure adds to the problem.

I'm VERY tempted to get a prescription for Viagra, because I know it will work right away, but I know your plan would probably be better in the long run.

Please convince me!


Can't Get Hard! Erection Difficulty

Hi Rob,

Welcome to the club.

Now that you've crossed over into your 40's, you've joined a very large group of men here in the USA.

A group who, more often than not, are plagued by plummeting male hormones, elevated estrogen levels, obesity, erectile dysfunction, and declining masculinity.

You may think that the blue pill is the answer to all your problems, but it's definitely not!

All this drug will do is give you an occasional erection.

This means you'll still have the fat, out of shape body staring back at you in the mirror every morning.

Plus, the medication will do nothing at all for your declining sex drive.

This begs the question...what's the point?

Who needs an erection, if you have absolutely no desire to do anything with it.

You asked me to convince you to pass on the drugs, but that's a complete waste of my time.

My words may motivate you for a day or two, but external motivation never lasts.

To make the transformation your body needs, you have to want it deep down inside, otherwise, you'll fold at the first sign of trouble.

The bottom line?

If poor lifestyle habits, low quality food, and time wasted in front of the television set are your main priorities, I can do nothing to stop that.

The motivation to change has to come from inside you.

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