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Cannot Ejaculate After Prostate Removal

by Ed

Cannot Ejaculate After Prostate Removal!

Hello Mark,

Unfortunately due to prostate cancer my prostate was removed several years ago with all the usual results.

I am on your program with the seven supplements, chilling the guys and am wondering about edging when I can no longer ejaculate.

I can climax but nothing comes out.

What is the use of Edging in this situation?

Many thanks for your answer and all your good advice.

Cannot Ejaculate After Prostate Removal!

Hello Ed,

If you can climax, you can edge.

I'm no expert on men who have had their prostate removed, but I say the above with extreme confidence.


Because a climax, dry or otherwise, requires two essential components.

Sexual arousal and the male hormones that always fuel that arousal.

In other words, you can't climax unless you have the hormones in your system to back it up.


The goal here isn't the orgasm, sperm production, or massive sized ejaculations....it's the hormones that rush into your system just prior to a climax.

When you take yourself right to the brink of one, but do not allow yourself to release, you hang onto all those hormones.


Your Testicles get a workout, sex drive is elevated, mood, energy and motivation all increase.

In short, you give yourself a strong dose of hormones that will fuel up your body and your mind, anytime you need it.

So yes, continue on with the edging.

And don't worry about the dry climax, because a rush of hormones beats out an ejaculation any day of the week.

Cannot Ejaculate After Prostate
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