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Butter Oil Fermented Cod Liver Oil!

Green Pastures Review & Benefits


Butter Oil Fermented Cod Liver Oil!

Hi Mark,

Although I had already been exercising and eating "clean" before finding your site, I had noticed a decrease in my sex drive and performance in the past year.

When I saw the email that featured Green Pastures Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil blend I decided to give it a try.

I just turned 47 last month and after a couple of weeks of taking the supplement, I've noticed a considerable increase in energy, mood, sex drive and performance!

Thanks for the info, and keep up the great work!

Butter Oil Fermented Cod Liver Oil!
Green Pastures Review & Benefits

Hi Sam,

I'm glad the High Vitamin Butter Oil Blend worked out so well for you.

I had the exact same response when I started using it.

I was pretty surprised, because I thought my fat soluble vitamin levels HAD to be dialed in already.

I eat tons of egg yolks and other foods high in A, I consume vitamin K rich pastured butter, and eat a high quality, whole foods diet.

But obviously, my body was lacking somewhere, because I experienced the same boost in energy, mood, and sex drive you did.

It just goes to show you that diminished soil quality, and modern farming practices have definitely had a negative impact on our food supply.

Combine that with the fact that when it comes to meat, very few of us eat the entire carcass of an animal anymore.

This comes as a striking contrast

to traditional cultures, where everything from the tip of the nose, right down to the hooves were consumed. (hooves were traditionally used to make a gelatinous pudding.)


Now, the problem arises here because those "Strange Cuts" that repulse us so much, are clearly the most nutritious.

Especially cuts like the heart, liver and kidneys.

Animals store vast amounts of nutrients in these vital organs, and our digestive systems are supremely equipped to extract nutrients from these tissues.

Much more so than from ANY plant source!

For example, despite what you may have heard, carrots do not contain any vitamin A at all.

They do contain carotenoids such as beta-carotene, but us humans must convert them into real vitamin A before our bodies can utilize them.

The problem is, humans aren't that great at this conversion…as a matter of fact, some of us are downright horrible at it.

Especially "Low Responders" a term used by scientists to describe those who convert carotenoids to usable vitamin A at extremely low rates.

But cows on the other hand, with their complex digestive systems, are masters at converting carotenoids into high quality, usable vitamin A.

Vitamin A which gets deposited into the organs, and into the nutrient dense milk stored in the cows mammary glands.

And it's from that nutrient rich milk, that this concentrated High Vitamin Butter Oil is extracted.

Butter Oil Fermented Cod Liver Oil!

Once you combine this butter oil with fermented cod liver oil, with it's twice the recommended daily amount of Vitamin D, you have a literal storehouse of 3 very essential fat soluble vitamins…

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin K2

All of which are needed by your body to synthesize hormones, manufacture bones and muscle, keep your arteries healthy and clear, and your erections firm and strong.


For example:

  • Vitamin A plays a critical role in the production of sperm AND testosterone
  • Vitamin K prevents calcification and hardening of the arteries leading to the penis
  • Vitamin D isn't really a vitamin, it's actually an extremely potent steroid hormone precursor

In short, when you become deficient in these essential fat solubles, your body absolutely will not operate at peak hormonal efficiency…it simply can't!


When you maximize these vitamins inside your system, your body will respond almost instantly, with the sex drive, mood elevation, and energy that every man needs and craves so much.

And the best way to accomplish this is to either eat plenty of organ meats, or simply supplement with a couple of caps of Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil daily.

I'd personally prefer to eat rare beef liver a few times a week, but in all honesty, I can't stomach organ meats because they were never given to me as a kid.

For those who can, all I can say is…more power to you!

Thanks for your feedback Sam, I appreciate it!

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