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Bedroom Satisfaction

by Mark

Women can be real good for your hormones…

Or real bad.

And it all depends on how you handle them.

Play your cards wrong and you'll pay out Much more than you bring in.

Because a nagged man Always pays a hormonal price.

But play your cards right…

And you'll get everything you need. With a Big hormonal payout on the side.

Here's something I've learned that's helped me with this...

When my girl has Bedroom Satisfaction she's a real peach.

Because she's much happier with ME when I'm taking care of her physically.

But if I stop giving her the attention she needs. I start hearing about it.

But not directly.

This mail comes in through the back door...

So I'll hear about the yard. The trash. The leaky toilet.

But she's not talking about These things.

She an Unsatisfied Woman.

And that's what she's talking Really talking about.

Here's a tip:

The next time you get down with your girl - play the love
game until she climaxes at least twice.

Then watch how she treats you over the next 48 hours.

Trust me. It will be good.

Because women are physically AND emotionally drawn
to men who can bring them to climax.

They're Hard Wired that way. They can't help it.

This explains why your girl was soooo sweet when you first met.

You were giving it to her back then!

And if you're a wise man. You'll start giving it to her again.

It's called taking care of your Most-Important-Assest.

And you'll never reach your hormonal potential…

Until You Get This Right

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