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Arginine & Advanced Glycation End Products

by David

Arginine & Advanced Glycation End Products

Hi Mark,

I see the value of cycling the testosterone supplements.

I am wondering if you should also cycle the l- Arginine as well?

Or do you take it daily along with the other herbs?

Thanks so much for your website, it is amazing!

Arginine & Advanced Glycation End Products

Hi David,

Take arginine every day, and you'll get your nitric oxide and HGH Boost, but I'd still cycle it anyway.

Here's why...

For one, I don't like taking any single supplement, day in and day out, for years at a time.

My gut tells me this is a recipe for disaster....

Here's a good example...

A medical researcher, whom I respect quite a bit, recently wrote that arginine binds with sugars in the blood stream at a rate up to 17 times higher than other aminos.

These chemical bonds are called Advanced Glycation End Products or AGE's, and the fewer you have in your blood stream the better.


Because these substances are extremely pro-inflammatory, and can contribute to many inflammatory diseases such as,






Myocardial infarction

This is especially true if you consume your L-Arginine along with a fructose heavy soft drink, as fructose reacts with proteins at a much higher rate than other simple sugars.

One more very good reason to avoid any and all products containing high fructose corn syrup.

Arginine & Advanced Glycation End Products

Now, you may saying to yourself as you read this, I'm never going to take arginine again!

Well, I wouldn't go that far...

If you follow the testosterone diet, and eat high quality meats, you go a long way towards shutting this process down, and here's why...

For one, meat contains high levels of L-Carnosine...

And carnosine shuts down oxidation and glycation development, both of which are needed for the crosslinking of proteins to sugar in the body.

Also, when you follow a paleo eating plan, blood sugar levels plummet.


High levels of sugar in the blood leads to more glycation, more free radical production, and further damage to your cellular proteins.

When you keep blood sugar levels in the basement, you keep a lid on this negative biological process.

You won't shut it down entirely, but you will mitigate much of the damage.

So what's the bottom line?

Go ahead and take your arginine a few times a week....

But cycle it, like you do all of your other supplements, and you'll avoid potential side effects down the road.

Good luck!

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Arginine & Advanced Glycation End Products
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