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Anti Nutrients, Food Allergies & the Paleo Elimination Diet

by Steve

Anti Nutrients, Food Allergies & the Paleo Elimination Diet

Hi Mark,

I need some serious help!

Here is a list of issues I am having right now:

-Suppressed Testosterone Levels (400)

-Horrible sleep, for the last 3 yrs now

-Have not had a morning erection for over 3 yrs

-Have absolutely no drive or motivation for anything

-Weak ejaculations

-Testicles are small

-Constant low back pain

-Depressed, sometimes for no apparent reason

-Urinary Tract Infections

-Constipation/poor bowel movements

-Cannot control blood sugar for the life of me

-And my friggin hair is thinning!!!!

All of this and I am only 30 yrs old?

Funny thing is that I use to eat worse than I do now and NEVER had these problems.

I've been eating more 'healthy' than I have ever in my whole life.

Everything is whole, natural foods.

However, eating meat constipates me and make me feel like crap.

I generally get my protein from high protein rich plants and that seems to work well for me.

In March I started eating more starches

At about the same time I developed what I now know as Seborrheic Dermatitis on my face.

I also noticed at the same time that my hair started itching like crazy constantly.

Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!

Thanks again Mark

Anti Nutrients, Food Allergies & the Paleo Elimination Diet

Hi Steve,

If I were you I'd start eating like a true homo sapien.

I say this because no 100 percent vegetarian, wild living human society has ever been discovered.

Every primal group found and studied throughout recorded history - has consumed meat in one form or another.

So if you want your life back I suggest you find a way to consume a little of that meat yourself.

Because meat comes packaged with loads of fat soluble vitamins - especially if you're eating the choice cuts.

It also contains copious amounts of animal fat that Will increase male hormones inside your body.

Look at it this way…

Your constipation. Dermatitis. Itching. Sneezing. And overall ill health...

Are most likely caused by the "healthy vegetarian foods" that have replaced meat in your diet.

And your body is literally Screaming right now…

Pleading with you to stop ingesting the poison that's attacking your system from the inside out.

In my opinion, you're an autoimmune disaster waiting to happen.

And you're not even aware that the foods you've been eating - are the cause of this nightmare you've been living.


If you don't eliminate these "healthy natural foods". That you appear to be Extremely intolerant to.

You're going to Continue to get pummeled by more of these…

Lectins. Tannins. Phyto-estrogens. Allergies. Autoimmune problems. Physical nightmares.

If this were happening to me I'd be doing Hardcore Paleo like yesterday.

And by hardcore I mean paleo by it's Purest Definition…

Defined as high quality grass fed meat. Organic berries. Real salt. Pure spring water.

And that's it.

If you really want to get to the bottom of this you need to live on these foods for one week.

This will allow your immune system to cool down - because right now it's running red hot..

After 7 days, re-introduce some of these "Healthy Natural Foods" you've been living on.

One at a time.

After you've eaten the first - lay back and pay close attention to how your body responds.

Then ask yourself…

Did I develop gas, heart burn, bloating, bad breath, dark circles under my eyes…

Or any other symptoms?

If so, check that natural food off your list. Then move on to your next item and run the test again.

Go down the entire list and check every single one of them.

Once you're finished, I promise you…

You're going to be Shocked at the number of "healthy foods" your body reacts to.

For example…

If I eat cashews, tomatoes, wheat, eggplant or macadamia nuts - I get slammed.

Because I react strongly to each of these. And if I'd EVER gotten into the habit of eating these foods daily…

I'd be a physical wreak. Just like you are now.

So here's the take home…

Once you finish this paleo elimination. You're going to know exactly which foods are Not healthy for you.

And this will be the day that your recovery can finally begin.

Good luck

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