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A Testosterone Experiment Gone Way Wrong!

A Testosterone Experiment Gone Way Wrong!

For some strange reason, the Dutch medical establishment came to the conclusion that giving high dose testosterone injections to young boys was a really great idea.

Baffled?....Me to!

The thinking went something like this...

If we give these young fellas testosterone, they'll rush through puberty real fast, and as a result, they won't grow so tall.

What the???????

Yes, the Dutch are the tallest people in the world at the moment, and many Dutch boys grow to almost freakish heights.

But the problem has nothing to do with testosterone....

This is mostly about Diet folks!

You see, the Dutch eat lots of broodjes (bread), sugar, and other refined carbohydrates....

They also consume diary products in extremely high volume.

So, take the insulin spike that comes along with all the breads, sweets, and sugars,


Wash it all down with a big glass of milk, growth factors and all, and you've got what amounts to Miracle Grow Plant Food for people.

But the doctors in Dutchland didn't see things this way!

As a result, this testosterone treatment was offered up to many a pre-pubescent boy in the land of cheese, legal prostitution, and...Ahem..."Coffee Houses".

Recently, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, a company that produces and markets testosterone products in Europe, ran an extremely interesting study.

Of course, the purpose of the study was to find more reasons to prescribe their injectables, but reality had an entirely different plan.

I know what you're thinking right now...

Combining reality together with "Medical Science" is a huge stretch, but sometimes the two actually do collide, and the show that follows is always immensely enjoyable to watch.

In this case they took a whole slew of these unfortunate boys, and tested them 20 years after the mad experiment had expired.

The results?

Let's just say that two decades later, these poor souls still had not recovered.

According to the authors of the study, testing confirmed that their testosterone levels were MARKEDLY lower than the controls.

And here's the real kicker...

The average height of these men was a whopping 6 feet 5 inches!

Looks like those injections did them a whole lot of good!

Just goes to show you that medical men on the other side of the pond have a whole lot in common with the "brilliant minds" here in the good ole US of A.

A Testosterone Experiment Gone Way Wrong
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