Viraloid Review!
Increase Testosterone!
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Viraloid Review!

I received two separate emails in a span of 4 days about this product.

I guess the hardcore bodybuilders love this stuff.

I did an hour or so of research on the web, but ultimately decided to pass on it, because at almost 45 bucks a pop, it ain't cheap.

A couple of days later I was looking at another Vyotech product, when I stumbled onto it again.

Curiosity got the best of me, and I took the plunge.

It arrived a few days ago, and yesterday I took my first dose.


Viraloid review!

Here's my take on this product...

I normally don't do well with the really strong stuff.

5 years ago maybe, but not now that my testosterone levels are in the upper range.

Whenever I take a new supplement, I usually go easy the first time. If everything is cool, then I up the dose.

Well, this time I didn't

Big mistake!

Based on my behavior from noon on yesterday, I'm positive my T levels were well over 1000.

Here's an example to help you understand how I felt

Say you had to put together a piece of furniture.

Everything is in a big box and there about 500 pieces, including all the tiny little screws, nuts and bolts.

The directions are all in Chinese, parts are missing, and after 3 hours of frustrating work, it's not going well.

There are 3 baby's crying in the background, and you're on your 3rd pot of coffee, and it's not decaf!

As you get up to take another sip, you bang your head hard on the counter, and spill hot coffee all down your shirt and onto the brand new white carpet....

Let me ask you...

Would you be a little on the edge after an experience like that?

Well, that would describe me perfectly yesterday!

I was irritable, hostile, mad, frustrated, and aggressive

I can honestly say, at times I felt like killing somebody!

If you're thinking about buying this product, all I can say is...

Go Easy!