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Get Over Shyness!

Anxiety & Shyness Treatment

Get Over Shyness 

Do you suffer from shyness and anxiety?

Here's What You Need to do First!

Boost your Testosterone Levels!

Testosterone is the ultimate confidence drug for men. The more T you have running through your veins, the more confident you will be, period!

Consider this....

James Dabbs and his colleagues at Georgia State University, Atlanta, found that people with high levels of the male hormone testosterone have a more confident manner, even in the briefest social encounters.

The researchers measured the testosterone levels of 122 male and 236 female students and then videotaped their behavior in meetings and interviews. Independent researchers then analysed the tapes to rate how confident their behaviour was.

Students with the highest testosterone levels, roughly twice as high as the low-testosterone group, were 50 percent more likely to behave confidently.

Boost Human Growth Hormone Levels!

In a recent study it was found that human growth hormone actually changed the levels of certain neurotransmitters in the human brain, raising the level of B-endorphin, which has been called the brain's own opiate.

Similar research confirmed that Growth Hormone reduces stress, improves focus, boosts self-esteem and self-confidence.

Build muscle!

A solid muscular body will make you feel good. The more muscle you carry, the more respect you'll get from other males.

That will boost your confidence!


Being physically active gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Meeting fitness goals or challenges, will give you a solid boost in confidence.

Exercise also makes you feel better about your appearance and your self-worth.

Go To Work On Your Mind!

Be aware of these two behaviors, and work to eliminate them.

Negative self talk!

You can change this!

Whenever you hear negative, self defeating words rattling around in your brain, picture a big red STOP sign in your minds eye.


Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.


You really are a good person, and deep down inside you know it!

Excessive Self Consciousness!

In social situations, are you constantly obsessing about being judged by others.

If so, you must realize this is a completely irrational fear.

No one is judging you nearly as harshly as you are judging yourself.

People are looking at you in a much more positive light then you realize.


Here's proof that you don't have to take shyness with you all the way to your grave.

The following people suffered through shyness at one time in their lives, and they were all able to overcome it.

  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Cher
  • Elvis Presley
  • Tom Hanks
  • Sally Fields
  • Lucille Ball
  • Bob Dylan
  • Tom Cruise
If they can beat it, so can you!


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