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6 Beers a Night & Erectile Dysfunction!

by Bud

6 Beers a Night & Erectile Dysfunction!

Hi Mark,

Obviously I'm looking for some help/advice.

A quick summary. 64 years old, 6'2",185lbs.

Run 4 days/week for an hour each day.

On Dynacirc 5mg/Diovan 160mg for blood pressure.

Began having erection problems 3 years ago. I'm fine for several months and then have a 4-6 week period where nothing can happen.

Urologist did 2 Testosterone tests one year apart-725 was first test result, 425 the second.

Prescribed Viagra-really don't want to take it after reading about possible eye damage.

I also drink about 6 beers a night.

Didn't realize beer causes estrogen level rise.

Gave up beer as of today.

Help/advice please.

6 Beers a Night & Erectile Dysfunction!

Hi Bud,

You're going to see quick improvement now that you've dropped the 6 beer a night habit.

Here's what I recommend you do next...

Drop the hour long cardio sessions, and replace with high intensity exercise.

These routines will boost muscle mass, and increase anabolic hormone production in your body.


Begin a cycle OTC Testosterone Boosters to send your testosterone levels back up into the upper range.


Switch over to a Paleo Diet.

I can almost guarantee you that 4 weeks of paleo foods will send your blood pressure down into the normal range.

Then you can work with your doctor to get off the blood pressure meds, which are almost certainly contributing to your problem.

Good luck!

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