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43 Year Old Man With an Interesting Sex Drive Problem

by Dave

Hi Mark,

I'm cycling the 7 Testosterone Boosters with great success, but have run into a problem.

You recommend that someone my age should ejaculate once or twice a week at the most.

I've been doing this, but have found that I'm almost too obsessed with sex most of the time.

I'm laughing right now, because I never would have dreamed of writing this 2 months ago, so I guess it's a good problem to have.

I'm wondering if I should I ejaculate more often, or would that ruin everything for me?

Let me know.


43 Year Old Man With an Interesting Sex Drive Problem

Hello Dave,

You can tackle this problem one of two ways.

-Ejaculate more often


-Cut back on the supplements

If I were you, I'd definitely go for option number 2.


The plan here isn't to take these supplements, every single day, for the rest of your natural life.

You use these products in the beginning stages, to boost sex drive, and just as important, to increase energy and motivation.

The energy and motivation you'll use to turn your life around...to bring your body back into balance, so it begins producing all the male hormones you need, naturally.

Think about this...

Your sex drive is way up right now, we both know that, but your energy levels have skyrocketed as well, correct?

On top of that, you're in an excellent mood most of the time, and chances are very good you've been highly productive, right?

It's all about the hormones my friend, and you've got yours dialed in right now.

Ask any man who's gone on testosterone replacement, what it feels like the first few times he injects the juice.

Common words are euphoria, boundless energy, and over the top sex drive.

Sound familiar?

You bet it does, because you're living in that world right now.

Of course, you won't get hit with the brutal side effects that a man injecting testosterone will.

No way!

Your plan is sustainable over the the haul...and by long haul, I mean months, years, decades.

It's very important that you don't derail this train ride you're on, and ejaculating too often just might do that.

Here's my advice to you...

When you wake up with hard wood in the morning, and plenty of energy, take a pass on the herbal supplements.

Stay this course, until you wake up not feeling it...no morning erection, tired, slow, and unmotivated.

When this happens, grab your rocket fuel of choice, and give yourself a heavy dose.

Follow this plan, and you'll be taking each supplement every 10 to 14 days instead of once a week

These bigger gaps will increase the hormonal hit of each product, so plan your dosages accordingly.

And finally, don't rely on the supplements alone...

Take all this energy you've accumulated and use it to take care of all the basics in your life.

Do so, and I guarantee you...this wild hormonal ride you're on will continue for the duration.

Good luck!

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Hormone replacement therapy with your plan?
by: Anonymous

Can you follow this program while on hormone replacement therapy for an extra boost?

Hi there,

Sure you can, and several men do, but I would recommend having a plan in place to drop the HRT eventually if at all possible.


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