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The Testosterone Report!
September 07, 2010

Inside This Issue

1. How Belly Fat Destroys Your Manhood

2. Shocking News About Website Traffic!

Why You Need to Change the Way You Exercise!

Belly fat should be looked at as a warning sign!

A clear signal that your estrogen levels are going up and your testosterone levels are going down.

Always Remember!

If you want to hang on to your manhood for good, you need to get fanatical about two very important issues...

Retaining muscle mass and keeping body fat levels in check.

Some men have no problem with this at all, but others struggle.

If you're one of those guys who has a hard time sticking with an exercise routine, you need a plan.

Fortunately, we've found one!

And I say "we" because once again, this information was brought to my attention by one of my site visitors.

The program is called the 7 minute workout, and it's a very good one.


Because it's easy to follow, the workouts are extremely short, and best of all, the system burns up body fat like nothing else out there.

But in all honesty, there are a couple of things I don't like about it.

The cheesy sales page and the demo video which takes forever to load.

This type of marketing typically turns me off, but there's some serious meat behind the hype, so I'm willing to live with it.

To date, about 25 of us have jumped in and started the program, and so far, the feedback has been all good.

Here's an example...

I felt pretty good about my fitness level going in but I have to say, this system has really invigorated me.

You know things are going well when you can't wait for your next exercise session.

I haven't lost much weight because I've gained so much muscle, but I'm down 2 inches around my waist.

My skinny pants are loose now, even though I look bigger and much more muscular.

Steve W.

Huntington Beach, CA

For all you who are using the system, please keep the feedback coming!

To learn more about the 7 minute workout, Visit...

How to Lose Belly Fat

A Big Fat Thank You!

Over the last couple of weeks, we've been flirting with a very big number.

That number is 5,000, as in 5K unique visitors hitting the site in a single day.

Going in, I never imagined that my humble little website would draw so much traffic.

The reason I bring this up is because I have you to thank for much of this.

Let me explain!

Google has developed a system called Google Analytics, which allows me to monitor exactly who my traffic is, and where it's coming from.

And this data tells me two important things....

You, my site visitors are a fiercely loyal bunch.

You come back to the site, again and again...and when you visit, you stick around for quite a long time.


You're spreading the word, via facebook, digg, stumbleupon, twitter, and other social bookmarking sites.

As a matter of fact, social marketing has become my second biggest source of traffic, right behind google.

And you, my site visitors, are responsible for all of this!

I want you to know that this support does not go unnoticed!

Thank you!

Until next time...

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